Hello all!

As the annual Division of Plasma Physics conference approaches, we are starting to perpare for APS DPP’s 2024 Student Day!

We are currently seeking nominations for advanced students who might be interested in presenting one of three 25-minute invited review talks. Review talks can focus on any plasma physics topic, but we are especially interested in talks focusing on magnetic confinement fusion, fundamental plasma physics, Astrophysical plasmas, or Laser-plasma Physics. Students who may be interested are requested to have an academic advisor or equivalent supervisor submit a brief nomination on their behalf to Student Day organizers. Nominations are limited to 1 page in length, and will be evaluated based on technical, pedagogical, and oratory skills of the nominated speaker. Please submit your nominations to the form linked here. Please highlight which topic or topics you think they would best present on, (e.g. magnetic confinement, basic plasma physics, space plasmas, ICF, etc.)

Additionally, we are soliciting talks which any student (or recent graduate) can self nominate for at the same link (feel free to forward or suggest this link to your students). We are looking for 5 minute lightning thesis (or humorous) talks. If you haven’t heard of student day before, it’s a half-day event on the Sunday before the start of DPP (October 6th) that is organized by students, for students. This event was created because APS leadership recognized that the first few academic conferences can be daunting and overwhelming for many students, and this event serves the dual purpose of preparing students for the science of DPP and creating a unique networking opportunity for all students to help foster a welcoming community. To do this, Student Day features review talks, research talks, group activities, and networking where everything is delivered by the students!

Student Day has grown every year since its inception in 2019 to 215+ students in 2023. We would like to continue this growth and allow students as much of an opportunity to attend Student Day as possible, and wanted to get the ball rolling early so it can be factored into travel plans for APS-DPP. Student Day is targeted towards students at all levels, from undergraduate students for whom this is their first academic conference to advanced graduate students interested in learning about different topics in plasma physics or communicating their research to other early-career scientists in a friendly and low-stakes environment. Over the past two years our attendance has grown by a factor of 3 and the event is quickly becoming a staple of the conference. Based on feedback from our post-event surveys and to foster a welcoming environment, we are limiting participation to those who have not received their terminal degrees (PhD or equivalent) before the last APS-DPP (November 2023) and are not actively mentoring/advising students that may potentially attend student day..

Student Day runs from 12:00-6:00 PM on Sunday October 6th, 2024. Registration is $30 paid with registration for APS-DPP and includes dinner and snacks. More information will be added as we approach DPP this year.

Thank you for helping us reach out, grow the field, and make plasma physics a more welcoming community!


Blake Carter, University of California, San Diego (bmcarter@ucsd.edu)

Dionysi Damaskopoulos, University of Wisconsin, Madison (dionysi.damaskopoulos@wisc.edu)

Joshua ‘Quinn’ Morgan, Caltech (jqmorgan@caltech.edu)


Nominations for Review Talks 2024: Please use this form to nominate speakers for invited talks at APS-DPP Student Day 2024!