DPP Meeting 2020

Student Day 2020

Our second annual Student Day (and first virtual edition) was held on Sunday, November 8, 2020.

This relatively informal session included a mix of tutorial talks and research talks "for students, by students" (and also some postdocs). The goal was to offer graduate students an easier introduction to the annual meeting, a chance to learn the basics about sub-fields not found at their institutions, and an opportunity to connect with other student attendees. Other interested parties near the graduate studies phase of their education/career (including, e.g., postdocs, other recent Ph.D. graduates, and undergraduates) were also welcome to join.


Topics in 2020 included solar physicslaser-driven HED plasmasinertial confinement fusion, and magnetic confinement fusionMany thanks to all the speakers (as well as all those who submitted speaker suggestions/nominations)! 

1 p.m. = welcome / chatting / meet-and-greet

Topic 1: SOLAR
1:15 p.m. = tutorial (Erika Palmerio, UC Berkeley)
1:45 p.m. = research (Emily Mason, NASA Goddard)
2:00 p.m. = research (Camilla Scolini, University of New Hampshire)

(15-minutes break / chatting / break-out rooms)

Topic 2: laser-driven HED
2:30 p.m. = hybrid (Heath LeFevre, University of Michigan)

Topic 3: ICF
3:00 p.m. = tutorial (Neel Kabadi, MIT)
3:30 p.m. = research (Brandon Lahmann, MIT)

(15-minute break / chatting / break-out rooms)

Topic 4: MCF
4:00 p.m. = tutorial (Oak Nelson, PPPL)
4:30 p.m. = research (Alex LeViness, PPPL)

4:45 = wrap-up / happy hour / chatting / break-out rooms

Town Hall 2020

Wednesday 11 November, 12:45 p.m. (Central Standard Time)
Regular day changed to accommodate the packed online DPP schedule

The town hall event is designed to be a forum for students and early career scientists to interface with senior scientists.

Due to the circumstances of the pandemic, we have chosen to forgo our standard Q&A panel discussion in favor of a presentation of available online APS and DPP resources for students and early career scientists.

We will present information about

  • The APS engage websites
    • Program resources sites
      • CONNECT site with early career, graduate student, and undergraduate student resources
    • Discussion resources/forums for
      • Staying connected with the community
      • Finding job, internship, and grant postings
  • Job Fair and Resume Help resources at DPP
  • Opportunities for next year
    • Student Day
    • Fusion and Plasma Graduate School Day

We will also be soliciting community feedback for resources for the APS Engage website or a possible additional, separately maintained CONNECT website.

We are also looking for nominations for the new Chair Elect