DPP Meeting 2018

Town Hall 2018

The COJS held the annual Town Hall Meeting during the Tuesday (Nov. 6th) lunch break of the 2018 DPP meeting. The event took the form of a Q&A panel discussion, offering junior scientists the opportunity to hear from more established researchers about career choices and trajectories.

We would like to thank the panelists again for their time and insights:

Bhuvana Srinivasan Associate Professor Virginia PoTech, Dept. of Aerospace and Ocean Eng.
David Staack Associate Prof. & Director of Eng Lab Instruction Texas A&M University, Department of Mechanical Eningeering
Humberto Torreblanca RF Scientist DIII-D General Atomics
John Kline Staff Scientist P-24 Los Alamos National Lab
Vyacheslav Lukin Program Director National Science Foundation, Division of Physics (MPS/PHY)

As in past years, the meeting was well attended (60-55 people), despite having to compete with lunch, and it ran into the end of its time slot before exhausting the supply of questions. There were a notable number of questions from students associated with the GEC. Afterward, we received positive word-of-mouth feedback, and ~40 new people signed up for the COJS mailing list.